Worldbuilding: Political Geography

I had planned on eventually writing a post about making believable geographies, but this article explains it better than I could have.

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I can’t promise that this will be a weekly series yet, but I want to get it rolling anyway. I’ve wanted to talk about worldbuilding on a regular basis here for months, I just haven’t been able to find the time to do it. A believable setting is essential to fiction. I think of it as one of the big three (believable characters and a compelling plot are the other two). A good setting alone doesn’t get you a good story, but a bad setting will certainly prevent a story from being good. “Worldbuilding” is a term used by some genres (especially sci-fi and fantasy) for the techniques that go into creating a believable setting.

Since my own worldbuilding activities are focused solely on a single fantasy world, that’s where my examples will come from, but many worldbuilding techniques can be applied to other genres. There are lots of ways to…

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2 thoughts on “Worldbuilding: Political Geography

  1. Thanks for reblogging, Thomas! I started to just reply over on my blog but I said, what the heck, just take the extra second and comment on the reblog itself 🙂

    I know everyone doesn’t think this way, but I think believable geographies are insanely important.

    I’ll have a similar post on starting a continent in the next couple of weeks.

    • Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that about geographies. I actually took a college class on physical geography as an elective just so I could understand it better for my map making. I wanted to know where best to put the mountains and deserts, and the class actually helped me understand it better so that I wouldn’t just do a slapdash of a world.

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