About Cartography of Dreams

I’m Tom Austin, an aspiring fantasy novelist working. In addition to the actual writing, I also work on building the world and reading about different aspects of world creation, including history, anthropology, and mythology. This blog is about the act of world creation, along with creating the language, the geography, and culture. I plan on doing different kinds of posts, including:

  • Language creation: how to create a language for use in stories or role-playing games, as well as overviews of different constructed language topics, including Enochian, Tolkien’s languages, and the Voynich Manuscript.
  • Religion and Mythology: overviews of various Earth religions as they relate to general discussion of religion, and different aspects of creating a mythology for a story.
  • Culture studies: discussions of various aspects of culture, including social and family constructs, ethnic relations, architecture, culinary traditions, and more.
  • Physical studies: discussions of geography, biology, physics, and oceanography as they relate to world building.
  • Reviews of constructed worlds, including Tolkien’s Middle Earth,  Paolini’s Alagaësia, and others.
  • Fantasy and science fiction artwork that shows the creativity involved in world building, including maps, landscapes, and character designs.

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