Links and Resources

So, I’m not going to say that I have all the information, because, well, I know I don’t. That said, I want to list off a few resources for world building for you that I’ve found a really like. Online encyclopedias, tutorials, and forums, there are some sites that don’t have the greatest information, but I’ve found these to be really good with what we’re talking about here. World building isn’t just about making a fictional world, but knowing the real world too, because that not only gives us inspiration, but it is our world. I’ll be building the list as I find more sites, because knowledge never sleeps. If you know of any sites that have helped you, please let me know.

Mythology, Gods, and Legendary Creature

Encyclopedia Mythica

Since 1995, an exhaustive online encyclopedia of mythologies since and religious figures throughout the world and history. It includes a bestiary that serves as magnificent inspiration.

The Medieval Bestiary

A digital library of legendary creatures, plants, and stones along with manuscripts online from the Middle Ages. A great resource for those looking for inspiration.


Naming and Language

Language Construction Kit

A wonderful introduction to language creation, or conlanging, by Mark Rosenfelder, aka Zompist. The online version is free, but he has a more detailed version as a hardcopy book up at Amazon.

Behind the Name

A database of names throughout the world. It includes mythological and religious names. Its sister site is at Behind the Name: Surname.



Cartographer’s Guild

A website and forum centered around fantasy map creation with tutorials, contests, and the chance to show off your work.



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